Waking with a start
the colors are vivid, clear
against the contrast
of hibernation.

I feel alive. Smile.
Stretch out my arms
to reach for the world.

Venturing from the cave,
the sun’s soft kiss
reminds me of summer:
the warmth of your body
pressed to mine.

My head, swirling
catches up
to this fugitive heart

when the song you shared
with the birds–
in your solitude,
my abandonment–
echoes off the embankment.

Memories flood
the desert plains of my mind
where dreams whisper
of longing slept away.

I reach for a promise,
years old.
Hands enmeshed
in the cobwebs of history,

it is but a shadow
of you
that I cling to now.


Nature’s whisper on our coastal hike

To Africa

I step tentatively at first.
But the shells are too many
to avoid the crunch under my feet.

I long to rush to your rescue:
gather you in my shirt, protect you
from a world too cruel
for your fragile existence.

Like the potato bugs who-
in my youthful eyes- were vulnerable
to church-goers’ towering heels,
careless steps.

I collected my beneficiaries
and found them new homes.
In Styrofoam cups, nested with torn grass
and good intention.

Just like the critters,
you find your end
beneath my [misplaced] feet and care.

Shadows surface
in the wounded shells and upturned rocks-
more real than any woven story of refuge.
I fear: it is me
from whom you need saving.

Chasing Fear

I slide my running shoes on
every time
adoration nears.

Slipping out the door,
before your kiss lands
my feet hit pavement-
kicking rocks
behind my heels.

Sending hope           past
your grip.
Leaving you clutching
a love-note
unfinished inside your chest.

Gasping for air,
you call out.

My ears, deafened-
a fortress of wind
protects from the words
brushing skin.

Leaving me raw
from the shear persistence
it takes
to keep you


I race on.
Forgotten prizes,
at the starting line.

Your door:
love’s promise.
Too alluring to inspire
anything, but
a sprint.