Crescent moons

With the new moon— a time to reflect on what we are giving birth to within— and three weeks of my 2015 intention of LOVE, I wanted to explore what it looks like so far…

Love looks like mindful mornings:
waking with music, greeting the day
with joy and creativity.
Opening my journal, and my heart, to the present moment.

Love looks like regimented sleep.
Screens off. Lights out. A time for rest to be fully indulged.

Love looks like process.
With accidental late nights and open screens
slipping through the cracks
of better set plans.

(With mantras to remember that its okay to slip sometimes.)

Love looks like letting go.
Saying goodbye:
choosing to honor wellness
over the feelings of another.

Love looks like truth-telling.
Leaning into conversations that aren’t easy.
Writing with discipline.
Owning what is on my heart; saying what is on my mind.

Love looks like questions
that drive into the core of the song
beneath words.

Love looks like checking-in
with my own need, with friends.
Remembering to walk mindfully
on this wayward path.

Love looks like belief
in the sacred|yoked|with the mundane—
in Life.
In a year and its potential
to realize that which you set yourself toward.


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