She set off around the world with the gushing optimism of a twenty-something landing her dream job.

Lesson number one: dream jobs can still be challenging.

She accepted this. Embraced this. Learned to be open to life in all its complexity— desperate loneliness and profound community, agonizing pain and overwhelming joy.

Paradox became her normal. Her honest truth.

Contradiction revealed itself at every turn as she labored toward a life of congruence.

Learning to listen to and to live with people while still loving them well, she made new homes…left others.

The routine of travel taught her— no, forced her— to be alone with herself. To carve out an inner room where she discovered time in that space was as essential to breath as oxygen itself.

In the hearts of strangers, she found God. Residing humbly in an extension of kindness, the gift of hospitality, searching eyes looking deep within her.

Questions were her magic carpet, opening up new possibilities and ways of knowing. Stories, her guiding light reminding her of the humanity— the wonder— of daily life.

Hope became embodied in eighteen brave souls. In the collective, larger than each sojourner on their own. Joined, they saw and created something More.

Returning to her world, she found herself changed.

Thirst for adventure pumping through her veins, she hit the road.

Where God reappeared, that time in the formation of canyons and whispers of the sunrise.

Loneliness too set in again with the isolation of missed connections wedging itself between two travelers.

Somewhere on the desert road, she was resuscitated.

Tired from the loss of air— or time in her heart space— she made a home. Rested there.

Practice grew and was sustained. Mountains, climbed. Friends, enjoyed.

Until she set off around the world again with the unfolding wisdom of a twenty-something traveler.

Still dreaming. Not yet landing. Walking in paradox, wonder, hope. Eyes opened to life in all its complexity.


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