Modern day mystic

My intention for 2014 is commitment. This includes a commitment to a variety of things I desire for my life, one primary area being my spiritual journey and budding identity as a mystic. As I shared this intention and growth with close friends, several wrote back inquiring, what do you mean by mysticism? Their question followed me, tapping me on the shoulder every time that I turned my back and nagging at the corners of my heart when I would sit to write.

So, I am somewhat hesitantly beginning this theme: Mystic Mondays. This is a space to explore the questions: what is mysticism?, how do we live it?, and in what ways is it needed?.

I am not writing to present answers; I do not have any. Instead, I have inner inklings and evolving visions that I hope to present, to test, and to offer with the hope of seeing what Wisdom is there to be awakened within us all.

I know that I need help with this. My dream is that this becomes a community-led conversation with guest blogs and comment sections bubbling over with further pondering, resources, and finds. To start, I will feature a series of stories of mystical moments and musing that explores the Creative Energy the Earth teems with, an energy some use the G-word to describe.

For those of you who read my blog for the social justice theme or travel stories, I believe that this conversation is inherently linked to both. We need ways to make meaning of the world that are generative, that is that provide us with the energy required to create change. We need to take up travel to our innermost places for the development that follows when we pursue Self.

From my faith tradition and experience, the Church in its current form neglects to do these things. It tells us a narrative that we are taken care of. Good to go. Say a prayer and your future is set.

I’m interested in a more participatory story. An inclusive story. One that reflects the complexity and uncertainty of the human experience.

Matthew Fox (2011) captures the themes of mystic activists with this (incomplete) list: marriage of spirit and matter, the sacredness of the earth, deep ecumenism, the omnipresence of Divinity, darkness and shadow, beauty and joy, compassion and social and ecological justice, creativity, meditation, returning to the source, stillness, contemplation or calming the reptilian brain, loss and the dark night of the soul, and sacred sexuality.

I believe that these are themes needed in our conversations and human interactions– I yearn for them to help us create a more just, Right world. With this hope, I take up the pursuit of embodying the life of a modern day mystic.

Fox, M. (2011). Christian mystics: 365 readings and meditations. Novato, Calif.: New World Library.


4 thoughts on “Modern day mystic

  1. I’m very excited to see your posts on this and I’m intrigued. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and what you are learning; my curiosity is peaked. Love and miss you as always :)


  2. So excited for Mystic Mondays! I’m looking forward to the challenge of making space for mysticism in my own Monday ritual as well as reading your blog. When I think of the mystic duality (darkness and light, joy and sorrow, space and fullness, etc), I think of mysticism as encompassing our binaries — to come full circle, to hum around and in everything — and I often think of the Tao Te Ching & the work of Kahlil Gibran. These texts remind me of the beauty of the Sermon on the Mount — a delicate poetic shift of our paradigms and expectations. Here’s to Mystic Mondays!


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