Around the world in (2)80 days

I’ve received a few messages inquiring about where I am, how long I’ll be there, and where I am headed next. I feel so blessed to have the following itinerary laid out (contact info to follow shortly for those good  ole’ fashion letter writers).

Rwanda (June 12– Aug 12)

  •  I’m in Nkomangwa, a rural village outside of Rwamagana in the Eastern province of Rwanda (my adventures here you can read about in my previous posts). I’ve finished my work with ThinkImpact and leave in the morning going straightfrom the village to the Kigali airport.

United States (Aug 14 – Sept 7)

  • Rutland, VA: I’ll initially join the Thinking Beyond Borders (TBB) staff a few days late for training. I am looking forward to meeting my co-workers for the next year and diving into preparing for my new position.
  • Portland, OR: The Program Leaders then head to Wilderness First Responder Training; I’m excited for this, and to see Shannon Bradley before I head home.
  • San Diego, CA (Aug 31 –Sept 6): I will have a whirlwind of a week home before TBB begins. Hoping to see many of you then, though I know it will be chaotic.
  • DC: I meet the students and staff the evening before our group departure!

South Africa (Sept 8 – Oct 31)

  • Rocky Road: We have TBB Orientation with the students here before our first unit.
  • Plettenberg Bay: We will spend five weeks here studying public health and the hiv/AIDS pandemic while partnering with a local health organization.
  • Addo Park: Our last week in South Africa will be spent on safari and hiking in the park.

India (Oct 31 – Dec 8)

  • Jaipur: Our education unit will be here for five weeks, again partnering with a local NGO who works with women and children.
  • We conclude our time in India with a camel trek and time in Udaipur and Pushkar!

Thailand (Dec 15 – Jan 21)

  • Our sustainability unit- and my birthday!- will be split between time in Chiang Mai and the mountain community Ban-Huay-Hee.

Cambodia (Jan 21 – Jan 29)

  • We will spend an enrichment week in Phonm Penh and Siem Reap exploring the city, temples, and culture.

Ecuador (Jan 29 – Mar 6)

  • Our final unit (on agriculture), will be in BÚa; here, students will work on a deforestation project.

Peru (Mar 6 – Mar 14)

  • Before returning to the States, we will do a 4-day trek to Machu Picchu.

United States

  • TBB concludes with the final 3 weeks in DC and VA visiting NGOs, retreating in Shenandoah, and a final weekend in DC for graduation.
  • From there, I think I am headed to Pensacola for a much needed vacation and reunion with my cherished AmeriCorps community.
  • My plans April-August are TBD before I potentially do this all over again (my list of ideas is growing).

More details to come about the units and partners as my journey progresses. While I know all of this will be a lot of around-the-clock work, it is looking like it will be quite the year in the best possible way.


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