Health update

I knew- or feared- what it was as soon as it hit me. The body aches, joint pain, and high fever all pointed to it. Fortunately, malaria is quite treatable when caught early. After just three days of meds and a week since my diagnosis, I have fully recovered. I am even returning to morning exercise tomorrow!

It was interesting to have a virus that is one of the greatest killers on the continent (taking 3 million lives in 2005), and find it so treatable. The medication cost the equivalent of 6 US dollars even in the touristy city of Gisenyi.  Within 24 hours of taking it, my fever susbided.

Nkomangwa has a great health advisor program with free mosquito nets distributed to children under 5, at-home malaria tests, and a network (and law) to get moms in labor to the hospital. Many are not so fortunate.

As I reflect on my fairly easy bout, I wonder how many aspects of the global health crisis are as preventable and affordable as this feels.


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