Out of the valley

They call Rwanda the land of 1,000 hills.

I am experiencing such healing in these hills. As I walked into the valley towards my sacred space today, I looked at the rolling hills around me and said with such sincerity, “I am so glad that I am here.” And thanked them for their kindness to me.

On a 1:1 recently, a scholar was reflecting on the length of the program and said, “this is just a lot of time to be with yourself.” I agree with her on the latter point: cultural immersion invites- demands even- being with oneself.

As I greet myself, I am understanding the ways that I have been running; I am pulling the curtain back to see my voices of fear. And I am choosing to stop this race that I cannot win and pull out the stakes in the ground that are so deeply rooted I wonder if they are in fact cement.

Every book I have read ths summer has had something to teach me.

My life here is busy, and it is quiet. It can feel lonely, and it can feel crowded. From my transformational leadership coaching work, my heart sings: and it can be both at the same time.

In this paradox, I sit. And from this viewpoint, I listen to all of the things that the books are teaching me. I hear the Soul of the World whisper to me; I let the hills of Nkomangwa embrace me. I pour myself into the task of healing. For me, to be with oneself is to know oneself, which may indeed be to see the face of God.


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