My Story Part 1: Inquiry

I want to start by exploring a few pieces of my story. I write this partially for myself- to sort of catalogue and reflect on where I am today. I also write it for the reader to have some context of where I am coming from and what is informing some of the likely outrageous statements I will make.

I am at training for my summer position (more to come in future posts) up at Estes Park for the week. One of our introductory activities was to create a “Life Map” of significant events that shaped who we are. As I reflected on this, I was struck by how much I feel like my journey could be a “Questions Map.”

One of the best aspects of this position for me is how I can see my previous experiences build on each other and begin to take shape. From Tanzania to…Residential Life…AmeriCorps VISTA…VISTA Leader…USD…Women’s Center, I can chart my questions, and how they all led to another iteration of questions. And, I think that is kind of the point.

Rollins (2011) introduced this notion of “pyro theology,” where the purpose and crux of a life of faith is in the burning of certainty and the pursuit of more questions. I am at a point where I hold a sort of pyro life-philosophy. In my recent interview with Thinking Beyond Borders, the CEO said (paraphrased): when people become certain of something, things can go terribly wrong. It produces what we call dogma and leads to hate, exclusion, genocide, war, division, and the list goes on…

So, I am instead leaning into my questions, and leaning into experiences that will surface more.

This video shows a brief snapshot of some of the more significant pieces of my “questions map” as they pertain to my summer with ThinkImpact.


Rollins, P. (2011). Insurrection. New York: Howard Books.


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