Ten months, seven countries. That is how this blog began as I embarked on a career in international education.

Social service coordinator turned social justice educator, I am passionate about creating change in the world, and I believe that this happens inwardly first. Here, I’ll share my internal process as an invitation for you to engage with your own.

I’ve loosely categorized my writing into three themes: stories, thoughts, and place. With creative writing and tales from my travels, Stories detail noteworthy moments from day to day life abroad. Thoughts– my most populated section- include reflections on life, spirituality, sustainability, and social justice. Place speaks to both the literal question of ‘where are you in the world?’ and the more ethereal one of ‘what’s going on internally?’.

Sometimes I call San Diego, California home. That’s where family, my dog Zuri, a vibrant yoga community, and the country’s best craft-beer scene keep me rooted. 

For now, I am making a new home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There, I have an awesome job journeying with college students studying at the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI).

Want to know more? You can read my inaugural post here or see my personal favorites over the years.